Birkdale Acupuncture Clinic Simon Rowe MAcS RBAF Southport, near Liverpool

Frequently Asked Questions


Does it hurt!?

We use ultra fine Japanese high tensile steel needles, about 0.16mm gauge. Thinner than a cats whisker!
With shallow insertion and no twiddling of the sterilised one-use only needle. The feeling can range from being painless, a little scratch or similar to a gnats bite!

"How many sessions will I need?"

This depends on the condition being treated, whether there are any other health issues, the age of the patient, how long they've had the condition and its severity.

Acute and recent conditions may take a few sessions to ease pains and/or stiffness. Chronic long lasting conditions may require a short course of weekly treatment of between 4 to 6 sessions, with maybe less frequent maintenance treatments.

"What happens at the first visit?"

For Painful conditions a full Case History is completed prior to attendance and then an examination of where the pain is, range of motion and symptoms are assessed. Chinese Pulse and Tongue is also taken along with palpation of the meridians and acupressure points.

An initial diagnosis is given and the practitioner may use a number of different Chinese therapies to ease your condition like Cupping, Tuina Bodywork, Spinal Manipulation as well as Traditional Acupuncture. Treatment is holistic and advice on diet, supplementation, heat therapy and exercises may be advised between sessions to promote further healing.

"What is Fertility Acupuncture?"

This is a specialised branch of Chinese Medicine and requires further post graduate training in Chinese Fertility Acupuncture and Western Bio-Medical training. We are fully trained in all aspects of Natural Fertility, IVF support and GYNE issues with access to extensive hormonal testing and ultrasound scans for uterine health.

Can you prepare me for IVF?

Yes but we require at least 3 menstrual cycles of once a week treatment to help improve your Follicular growth, nourish the endometrium and calm the mind and regulate the menstrual cycle. This doesn't happen overnight and requires a short term commitment to fully prepare you for a better hance of a first time conception.

"Are you qualified to treat and is your clinic licenced?

We have over 5 years training in Chinese Medicine having been in practice for over 18 years and maintain memberships with The Acupuncture Society and the British Register of Complementary Practitioners. Specialised memberships are also with Zita Wests Reproductive Network and the Acupuncture Fertility Network.

Up to date continuing professional development is maintained to further our expertise in these matters.

Sefton Environmental Health and Liverpool City Council have asses our clinics and we are licensed both as a Practitioner and our clinics by them both.

" What's the science behind Acupuncture?"

Even though Acupuncture has been around fior many thousand of years, Western Medicine has not been inclined to fund major research into its efficacy. Most trials are hard to satisfy Western Medicine due to their large expensive random blind double placebo testing requirements. However there are numerous smaller studies worldwide showing the effects Acupuncture has on the mind and body.

Basically it appears to calm the central nervous system, increase blood flow in certain areas and reduce aches and pains by increasing endorphins and encephalins. As well as the relaxing and well being effects of our treatments.

"Are your Clinics covid secure?"

Nothing can be fully guaranteed in life however we do follow all Governmental and Local Authority guidelines for hygiene standards and Covid regulations completing our Covid Secure certificate. We maintain high standards of hygiene and waste disposal, using only single use oxidised needles and proper sterilisation of the premises and equipment.

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