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Testimonial Cases

Severe Back Pain & Sciatica

"I was devastated when I was diagnosed with a herniated disk in my lower back. This resulted in sciatica which meant I was in constant pain and unable to sit or sleep in comfort. I had already tried Physiotherapy and Osteopathy, then someone suggested Acupuncture and recommended Simon. Over the next few months I attended weekly treatment sessions at Oriental Health involving Acupuncture and Chinese Massage.

Over time the pain in my back and leg lessened and my mobility increased. I began to feel more positive and hopeful that I would be able to resume some of the activities I had once enjoyed....I'm now planning my Hiking trip to India later in the year, something which 12 months ago, I didnt think I'd ever be able to do!"

Mrs C. McRoe, Allerton

"I wasted 17 months trying various ways of relieving chronic lower back and sciatica pain. My very limited mobility continued and any relief was short lived. With Simon's holistic approach, I experienced Acupuncture and Chinese Massage. The effects of these benefitted me from the first session - reduced pain and easier movement.

I can now move as I want to, pain free. I continue having these treatments because they have enabled me to enjoy my life to the full and I want to maintain that"

L. Elcock, Formby

Infertility and Pregnancy

"After suffering 3 recurrent miscarriages, I had numerous medical tests to try and find the cause. There was no medical reason into my miscarriages, so I began researching into complementary therapy. That is when I contacted Simon for accupuncture.

Simon taught me what the accupunture would do and how it targets the body at certain points and the few lifestyle changes I needed to make in order to get my body prepared.
I had 12 weeks of treatment from Simon. I became pregant whilst seeing Simon and continued treatment to keep my body strong to try and reduce the chances of miscarriage. Once I had reached 7 weeks I had a scan and all was fine. Simon's work was done! And it was Successful!

I now have an 18 month old daughter, and I believe this is all down to Simon. Without his help I doubt I would have my little girl and I am extremeny grateful to Simon for that."

Mrs Kate McArthur, Liverpool

"In October 2010 I suffered an ectopic pregnancy - unfortunately it was not diagnosed quickly and as a result it ruptured and I had to have my right fallopian tube removed. It was a very difficult and emotional time anyway coming to terms with what had happened and the pressure and desire to conceive on top of that was all consuming. After trying both reflexology and homeopathic medication without success we found Simon.

After discussing our situation with Simon he quickly made me feel confident that he could get my body working again and he was positive he would be able to increase our chances of conceiving using acupuncture.

Within 3 months of me visiting Simon, which was a total of 6 acupuncture sessions, we had success!!! Our beautiful baby daughter is now 13 months old and we are so grateful to him.

Simon is very easy to talk to, he is discreet and understanding but above all else he knows what he is doing and it is his expertise and knowledge that help him tailor the acupuncture and advice to each individual and in turn achieve success. We wouldn't hesitate in recommending him - in fact we already have!!!"

Alex, Southport

"Having just been through a round of IVF due to undiagnosed infertility, we decided that we would try acupuncture to prepare for our next round. When we first met Simon he totally understood the pressures and difficulties we had gone through.

He took a thorough medical history from both of us and gave us advice regarding changes to our diet and supplements to take. Being determined to give our second shot at IVF the best possible chance we could, we followed all of Simons advice to the letter and started weekly acupuncture. Instead of starting my IVF treatment I have been for a scan to confirm I am 7weeks pregnant. I cannot thank Simon enough for his care, understanding and advice..."


I came to Simon after being told that I failed to ovulate in certain months so I was keen to get my cycles on track and hopefully kick start ovulation. I had heard about acupuncture helping infertility so I thought I'd give Simon a go-booking 12weeks of the recommended fertility course. I was extremely pleased with his level of knowledge in the area of infertility and acupuncture which made me trust he could help me. After a detailed consultation he was able to offer me dietary advice tailored to my needs as well as acupuncture to help get my body back to ovulating on a monthly basis. My cycles returned not long into the treatment and were surprisingly quite regular. After the 12sessions I found out I was expecting! I found Simon to be highly professional, extremely knowledgable, understanding, caring and very easy to talk to about infertility. I thoroughly recommend !

Mrs Stevenson Liverpool 2013


"I went to hospital 12 months ago and was diagnosed with trigeminal neuralgia...I could'nt touch or bear anything near my face, without severe pain through the top of my head and through the left hand side of my face.

After 3 months of different pain medications and quite a few side affects, as a last resort I discovered Simon and his sessions became regular weekly visits and slowly as the pain became under control the visits became less and less. 8 months on with monthly sessions and with a lot of commitment on Simon's part, I am pain free and extremely grateful for his help."

Mrs L., Liverpool

Neck pain & Fibromyalgia

"I first sought Simon's help 6 and half years when I was so debilitated with chronic pain due to ankylosing spondilitis and fibromyalgia. Both conditions seriously affected my physical and emotional well being. Simon helped and supported me through all of this with Acupuncture, Chinese massage and yoga practise.

He helped me understand my body and the simple changes that I could make to improve the quality of my life, despite the chronic issues I was dealing with. He is a very kind, approachable person with a great sense of humour who makes you feel comfortable and welcome.

I still receive treatment and attend his weekly yoga classes now, I cannot thank him enough for his support and recognise that without his treatment I would have had no quality of life, suffering with pain, addicted to pain killers and prescription medication."

S. Nolan, Southport


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